Tuesday, 10 July 2018



Friday, 29 June 2018

Kiri - Video

Sarah Lancashire stars in the compelling four-part drama about the abduction of a young child, written by award-winner Jack Thorne. Mat Fraser plays Sam, a loser drug dealer.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

2018 so far...

Thus far this year I’ve had 7 auditions! Something must be changing… I got 3 of them, so not a bad hit rate really! I played Sam a loser drug dealer, in the Channel 4 Drama "Kiri” written by good old Jack Thorne, and I recently filmed my scenes for another C4 drama, this time a post WW2 civil service role, written by the wonderful Bash Doran. I can now sing a bit of G&S, who’d have thought it.

The Thalidomide Catastrophe

In the making for many years, the cheerily titled “The Thalidomide Catastrophe”, written by by Martin Johnson, Raymond G. Stokes and‎ Tobias Arndt, is finally out.

The catastrophe was the corporate crime it created. A scathing exposé with previously unknown shocking facts, that finally lifts all the lids on the flids (sorry but you know I love a rhyme). Maybe buy it and read it if you want to really know the truth behind the media stories on Thalidomide.

The Roehampton Collection - Poem

When I and all the other Thalidomide children of the South East of England were growing up, it was a late 1960's world, the apex of medical empire building, that had been initiated burning a path from the Sun, under the gaze of the ever watchful all-seeing eye, through the snake entwined pyramid path of progress, offering new post war worlds of medicinal order, only to be brought to a juddering halt by the news:


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2017 was a good year!

Theatre poster
2017 was a big year for me, I played Richard III in Northern Broadsides’ 25th year anniversary production, at Hull Truck Theatre during their year of being City of Culture, and was the first disabled actor to take on the role in the UK. It was a glorious experience, being directed by the legendary Barry Rutter, and working with all those talented actors to make a seminal exciting prooduction, which was recieved well critically and had great audiences. Channel 4 News did a feature article on it, ditto The Guardian and other broadsheets, BBC Radio, and I’m thrilled to say that as a direct result, I got a few more theatre auditions in the UK.
Part of Barry’s style is to use percussion for the battle sequences, so I found myself drumming on stage again, flourishing away on a tiiiight snare in deep Shakespearian battle. The drumming theme was to accompany me all year…